GHBC Photo Booth

GHBC photo boothIn the fall of 2013 we introduced the GHBC Photo Booth.  Since then we’ve used it for a number of events here at the store, took it offsite for a couple special rentals (inquire within!) used it for our Christmas party, the Lonsdale Showcase… used a variety of backdrops & props- what a fun setup!

About the GHBC photo booth…

It uses a Cannon G12 camera with a Apurture Pro remote shutter.  (In case you’re curious, it’s about a $20 part, and there are different ones for different brands of cameras.)

My dad and I designed the stand together.  The center piece is just painted PVC, the base is heavy plywood construction with plastic laminate remnants covering it.  The top was the most artistic portion, with blue glass on all sides, and it opens from the top.  It screws apart into the 3 sections and is easy to transport.  A metal stand with 3 holes sticks up on one side for the camera to mount to.

Links to photos…

Click on the event name below to view the photos.  To inquire about special circumstance rental, contact me at  Usage is not guaranteed and typically restricted to charity events, as the camera is private property and susceptible to theft.  However you never know until you ask, and we might be able to figure something out.

2013 Lonsdale Crawl

2013 Black Friday

Elf on the Shelf event

2013 Generation & R&L Woodcraft Christmas party

Lonsdale Showcase

2014 Lonsdale Community Days

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