Home Improvement Sale!

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Home Improvement!Winter is home improvement time.  For families like the Simons, it’s the years overdue task of basement finishing.  It’s all happening.


For all the tools one finds themselves needing… GHBC.

For all the studs, sheetrock, nails, taping mud, and sandpaper… GHBC.

For all the flooring.  The paint.  Window treatments and lighting… GHBC.

And from January 13-24, it’s all on sale. 

Quality finish solutions, in your home town.

  • 25% off joint compound with a drywall purchase of 10 sheets or more
  • Paint, buy one gallon, get a gallon for 50% off
  • Free home decor in-home consultation when you purchase any window treatments, flooring, cabinets or counter tops
  • 10% off all special order Do It Best vanities, toilets, tubs and other bathroom fixtures
  • Closeouts on all in stock faucets, bath fixtures and lighting!


10 things to consider when finishing your basement

10 things to consider when finishing your basement

Home Improvement is stressful.   Finishing your basement is no exception.  Take the time to plan, sketch, draw, and discuss the desired finish product and the steps to get there, and consider these points to get the most out of your efforts.

  1. Storage.  If you’re like the Simons, and your basement has been sitting around unfinished for a decade plus, it has no doubt collected much stuff.  Every time my kids ask for a new toy my new thing is to remind them about our current stuff problem.  Some of it simply needs to go away, and some needs to be stored.  Deciding what goes and what goes where can be stressful, but making that purge can be such a relief, so don’t put it off.
  2. Small spaces.  Get creative with storage in small spaces.  Space in between studs is a great place for built-ins.  In our house a closet was roughed in under the staircase.  A very deep, narrow closet that got shorter as it got deeper… who needs that?  That is not intuitive storage space!  We decided that the bulk of that space was better used as a reading nook open to the side.
  3. Sound.  Putting in a speaker system?  Shopping for that shouldn’t be put off until the last minute!  Get that figured out before finalizing electrical plans.  Need additional sound proofing to keep basement sounds underground?  Consider the acoustics and sound absorption to your ceiling material as well as your flooring and furniture choices.
  4. Heat.  This is your last chance (okay, not really.) to install in floor heat.  Or a fireplace.  Add it now on a thermostat to assist your furnace.  These secondary heat sources can be life savers if your forced air furnace quits working!
  5. Use of space.  Our original floor plan had a little hallway entering a basement bedroom because it went around the furnace room.  What a dumb use of space, a hallway in a bedroom.  Instead, we opened up a door to the room on the opposite side, off of the stair case.  With the little hallway, we split the space, half for a hall closet and half for the bedroom closet.  Extending the landing in the bedroom gave it a nice entrance and optimized the space.  Using a floor to ceiling sliding barn door in front of the closet maximized the storage all the way to the top.
  6. Plumbing.  Finalizing plumbing plans is one of the first steps, so consider carefully where everything should go and the extent of your construction.
  7. Traffic Patterns.  The path of least resistance is bound to be worn down.  If you have a point A like the bottom of the stairs and a several point Bs that share a heavily traveled path such as laundry, bathroom, mud room, freezer, et cetera… consider not covering that path with carpet or flooring that will wear and show the traffic.  Diffuse the path if you can, but many times that isn’t an option.
  8. Wiring.  Consider your outlets, and place them accordingly.  A couple USB outlets are a good idea if you can determine an area for charging devices.  Talk to your electrician about your entertainment area and plan it out together to minimize visible cords.
  9. Cleaning.  Last chance (not really) for central vac!  A central vacuum system is the next best thing to a self cleaning home.  With just the hose to pull out of the closet and plug into the wall it’s easier and faster than traditional vacuums.
  10. Budget & Time.  It costs what it costs, and a budget for construction can be tricky.  Prioritizing your components from what is most important to you to details that you care less about can make it easier to allocate your funds.  Winter is a great time to get this interior construction out of the way, but finishing can no doubt spill into spring and summer.  Discuss deadlines and milestones with your spouse and your team ahead of time to ensure that your project is moving at a realistic timeline.

On that note, visit GHBC and tell us about your project!  Home improvement sale going on January 13-24!  From start to finish, we can help you with your project.


$500 shopping spree WINNERS!

In conjunction with our fall catalog, we gave away 2 $500 shopping sprees with a random drawing.  We had the drawing open in the store from August to November, and we are thrilled to announce the big winners were Jennifer Poole of Lonsdale and Joshua Storlie of Elko New Market!

Jennifer and her family came in to claim their prize and brought us made from scratch cupcakes and a thoughtful thank you note.




Josh….well he was a tad pumped to win $500!! Josh 3

Thank you to all that entered and shopped with us. And to Jennifer and Josh, HAPPY SHOPPING!


The big guy returns!

Back by popular demand, Santa will be visiting again On Tuesday, December 15 from 4:30-6:30 for free photos!  Stop in and see him, and make sure your Christmas list is up to date!


♫♪♫♫ Santa Claus is Coming ♪♪ ♫ ♪♪ ♫ to GHBC! ♪♪♫♪

Santa isolatedThe big guy will be here this Saturday from 9-11 and 1-2 to hear what you want for Christmas!


He’ll be posing for free photos while he’s here of course!


While you’re here we’ve got free coffee, cider and cookies and great deals to help you pick up stocking stuffers for all the DIYers on your list!


Make sure you make the right list this year and stop by on Small Business Saturday, November 28th!


Holiday hours 2015

Santa isolated

Unless noted otherwise below, our hours this holiday season are Mon. – Sat. 7 am – 7 pm and Sunday 9 am – 4 pm.

  • Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 26  CLOSED.

Note that Santa will be in the house on Small Business Saturday, November 28th, from 9-11 and 1-2 for free photos!

  • Saturday December 19 we will close at 5pm for our employee Christmas party.
  • Christmas Eve, Thursday December 24th we will close at 12pm.
  • Christmas Day, Friday December 25th CLOSED.
  • New Year’s Eve, Thursday December 31st we will close at 6pm.
  • New Year’s Day, Friday January 1 2016, we will be open from 9-4pm.


Everyone’s Favorite Creepy Cardboard Cutout Mascot

Do It Best calls him Mr. Friendly- and we’re not exactly sure where he came from, but he’s our new (actually old… he was recently resurrected from the ’40s in honor of Do It Best’s 70th anniversary) mascot.  He’s arrived at GHBC to mixed reviews… including the criticism that he looks like he is suffering from an oral disease.  Personally I’m just grateful he isn’t wearing a scream mask- the staff like to move him around a lot and he tends to sneak up on folks.

He was a willing and photogenic participant yesterday, in our annual Lonsdale Crawl- posing with anyone & everyone parading through our store in an event to showcase local businesses and bring breast cancer awareness.  Thanks to the crawl crew for organizing another fun crawl and everyone who stopped by!

Click on any image to view a larger image, right click to download!

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10 ways to ORGANIZE your life with Pegboard

Pegboard is way more than just an ugly organizational wall covering for garages. It can dress your wall in a fashionable manner, marry form and function, and make your life easier.  It can keep your tools, utensils, cosmetics, even your wall decor, or any other junk you desire organized, within reach, and easy to maintain with these 10 ways to organize your life with pegboard.


1.  Frame in your pegboard with a dadoed 1×2.  This will frame your piece nicely, space it away from the wall, makes it easy to hang (appropriately based on how much weight you intend to hang from the pegboard), and gives you an aesthetic opportunity to beautify your board with however you choose to finish the frame.

2.  10 ways to organize your life with pegboard, paintedYour pegboard is your canvas.  Paint it as desired.  I screen print as a hobby, so I like to screen print mine.  Solid color, pattern, portrait, faux finish, whatever.  Just don’t leave it that horrible dirt color.  Chalkboard paint, chalk paint, metallic paint, mod podge fabric over it (and poke holes through of course!)  This step is what makes ugly pegboard into decor.

3.  Spray paint your hooks.  It makes them pop.10 ways to organize your life with pegboard

4.  Keep your pegboard within easy reach.  If you’re going to place it behind a work bench be sure that the bench isn’t too deep.  You’ll be less likely to put everything away in a timely manner if you need to grab a stool to hang it.  Any work bench deeper than 24″ is difficult to reach over for any average height person, and if it’s going to be taller than 24″ above a 36″ counter or bench, consider the top part decorative.

5.  P6100669Cut tops off of soap & shampoo bottles and punch a hole in them, they make a great hanger for otherwise non-hang-able items.  They too, can be painted, or covered with fabric with mod-podge.  You could also use bins or bags made for hanging from a rod (I believe 31 has a product offering on this line) but my plastic bottle solution has style potential, is easy to clean and super cheap.

6.  Check out all the hanger & hook options for pegboard.  It’ll give you some ideas on how to use it best.

IMG_76237.  Consider larger framed in pieces of pegboard as a backdrop to your decor.  This is a great idea for decor that you want to switch up or rearrange often.  One might be so inspired to incorporate other, unorthodox wall decor into the arrangement, such as bunting or an air plant or a favorite coffee cup or faux taxidermy or favorite jewelry or something you might create at a favorite local art studio.

8.  Use pegboard to back a shelf with.  Mixing hanging decor with horizontal decor space is a great marriage of form & function.

9.  Light it up!  Charge it!  Pegboard hides cords easily, and by design, supports the threading of cords.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say hang your television on a sheet of pegboard, but it could be done, and it would be easier than threading cords through the wall.  Light fixtures, speakers, ipod dock, whatever.  Place it where you want it!  Stick tiny lights through it like a light bright!

10.  Cover the wall.  I’ve never been a big fan of drywall.  I wouldn’t go so far as to replace the drywall with pegboard, definitely not, don’t do that.  But you can skimp on the taping step, I’m a DIYer, and I freaking hate taping.  So screw spacers over studs, screw pegboard to the spacers, and cover the whole wall.  The textural change will add interest to any room like an accent wall.

For other ideas using pegboard, check out this Pinterest board we put together just for you, and stop in for your pegboard and other organizational items!






Labor Day Sale!

Labor Day Weekend: that beautiful 3 day weekend that marks the unofficial beginning of fall.  The perfect time to get home improvement projects wrapped up!  At GHBC, we’re here to help you with those projects!

September 5-7 join us for our Labor Day Sale!

  • Take 20% off any home improvement rental– whether you’re using a trailer to haul junk away or refinishing old floors, just tell us your project and we’ll take 20% off!
  • 2015-08-03 09.53.1720% off all canning jars, supplies & accessories!  Unfamiliar with canning, but want to get started?  No big deal.  We have lots of canners in our warehouse and can help you choose the one right for you.  Order a canner and we’ll get you 20% off on that too!
  • Summer clearance items are marked down as much as 60%!  It’s the perfect time to grab the kids some water squirt toys for next summer or pick up a new lunch cooler.  Camp chairs looking a little ratty?  Mine too.  Pretty sure they used to matcc… maybe time to replace them with new cool mesh back chairs!
  • Check out our new flooring IN STOCK!  IVC Moduleo Vision Click and Horizon Click, starting at only $2.49 per square foot.  High quality, durable vinyl that looks like real stone and wood!  Clicks beautifully into place, no underlay needed, seriously so easy to install I could do it by myself.  This is a great flooring option for kids and pets and high traffic. It’ll be making a prominent appearance in the Simon basement soon.  20150828_101616
  • Set up an in-home consultation during our Labor Day Sale with Alicia for window treatments, flooring, cabinets and/or countertops for $20 off your order of $150 or $50 off your order of $300!  Alicia is great with color and pulling a room together.  She is a great resource for those not sure what to do with a space or how to pull it all together.
  • Brown Treated Lumber now 10% off!  Last chance to get that deck on the house this season!

Saturday, September 5 open 7am-9pm

Sunday, September 6 open 8am-6pm

Monday, September 7 open 8am-6pm

Tuesday September 8 we will go to our fall hours, Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm, Sunday 8am-4pm.



“destroy your old credit card machines” they said.

What happens when a handful of building center employees are told to “destroy” something, literally on a rainy day?

They destroy stuff.

3 old credit card machines, 3 pieces of rental equipment.

Glad to know they’re wearing their PPE and they enjoy their jobs!  Good work guys!